Assisting talented Australian entrepreneurs to build outstanding biomedical technology companies.

Investment Approach

At Macquarie BioVentures we are looking to invest facilities & funds in companies in the biotech and biomedical fields which are on the road to, or have the following traits:

We welcome expressions of interest from those in the life sciences industry and academic research institutions, and we take every application seriously. Click here to apply to Macquarie BioVentures.

Categories of Investment

Early seed funding

Often the best ideas and technological breakthroughs have their origins in research institutions such as universities. The combination of placement in the Macquarie BioVentures technology park and the opportunity for seed-stage funding is a unique offering, unmatched in Australia. Business mentoring can be provided, and business plans developed with the help of the technology park’s experienced managers and mentors. Seed-stage investment is typically smaller, but considerable assistance is available to help take the company to the next level.

Start-up ventures

Companies that have developed a business plan and taken strong steps towards protection of their intellectual property. Usually these companies have established a management team and have a clear idea of their potential exit strategies. Macquarie BioVentures invests in start-ups that have their own premises, or are seeking new facilities.


Major spin-off entities or joint ventures from established companies are an attractive option for rapidly developing shareholder value from companies that have either a suite of technologies, or new applications of an existing technology. Often the resources, both facilities and funds, require a fresh approach to avoid conflicts with the mainstream business activities of the company.

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